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POPR: The New Romantix

In POPR, Review on July 13, 2010 at 1:26 pm

This is the first of what a regular column called Pants-On Porn Reviews: A more cerebral look at adult films with an eye towards what they can say about human sexuality, gender, the people who make them as well as we the viewers. Much has already been said about the negative impact mainstream pornography has had on these topics so my emphasis will be on indie or sex-positive pornography.

Perhaps appropriately then, the first movie up for review is The New Romantix: A Sex-Positive Film. Consisting of six full length vignettes (and one little bonus scene right in the middle) this movie did a very good job of highlighting the joy of sex. Each scene begins with an interview with the leading lady covering topics ranging from her childhood friends and what her tattoos mean to the more typical sexy stories of group sex and the first time she had sex with a girl. These are not the stereotypical picture of an adult film star.  Admittedly, not all of them came from the perfect Pollyanna childhood, but who honestly does? These women are not crack whores. They are not beaten by their pimp/director. They are intelligent. They are well spoken. They genuinely love sex and have found a career doing what they love.

What’s more the sex itself stands apart from more typical mainstream fare. More often than not the chemistry between the actors is apparent. These people may not be in love but they are having a good time and enjoying each other and I really appreciate seeing that. The sex itself is better than average, but not by leaps and bounds. I liked that the editors left in some of the awkwardness of real life sex by leaving the camera going while the couple rearranged themselves in the middle of a scene. Too often, however, the scene began with a blowjob and ended with a facial and I’d rather hoped for more on that count.

If I could have changed one thing, I might have wished for the leading men to have gotten some of the same interview treatment that the actresses received. They weren’t without personality by any means, but after really seeing the women fleshed out I would have been interested in seeing the same effort put into the guys. As they were, however, they were pretty varied and generally likable.

All in all I’m glad to recommend this movie. It’s mainstream enough to do the job of getting your rocks off when that’s all you want but goes out of its way to emphasize the humanity of the women involved. It’s sexy and funny and is definitely deserving of the GM Seal of Approval.

The New Romantix: A Sex-Positive Film is available at Babeland

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